"Adirondack Roots" is a 4 by 6 inch oil painting on panel by Rebecca M. Fullerton, depicting the upturned roots of a tree in a pond bounded by trees. It is an impressionistic scene from the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the St. Regis Canoe Area.
Side view of the panel for Adirondack Roots 4 by 6 inch oil painting landscape from the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the St. Regis Canoe Area.
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"Adirondack Roots," 4x6 inch oil painting on panel

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In the St. Regis Canoe Area of New York's Adirondack Park old, fallen trees become the homes of fish, fowl, plants, and dozens of wary painted turtles. This was the first place I went canoe-camping in my teenage years, when my dad started taking my brother and I out for more adventurous expeditions.

Paddling through this wilderness you gaze upon the reflections of trees on still water, breathe clean air scented with pine needles, and see the amazing carpets of mosses, lichens, sundew and pitcher plants found on the boggy shores of each new lake crossed.

This jewel-like painting captures what's special about the lakes and rivers of the Adirondack landscape. It is painted on textured panel with plenty of extra oil to make the light glint off its surface. It sparkles, just like the waters of the Adirondacks.

  • 4 x 6" oil painting on slightly textured panel
  • panel is mounted on a 1" deep, untreated wood cradle
  • signed by the artist
  • wired and ready to hang

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