"Madison Spring Hut, White Mountains, NH" is a 9 by 6.75 inch watercolor and ink painting on paper by Rebecca M. Fullerton, depicting golden sunlight on the summit and slopes of Mount Madison, with the hut in purple-blue shadows in the col below. Brightly lit rocks and alpine plants frame the scene in the foreground.

"Madison Spring Hut, White Mountains, NH," framed 9x6.75 inch watercolor and ink painting on paper (SOLD)

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Oh, Madison Spring Hut, you make me weak in the knees. Especially if I've done the Gulfside Trail with all the summits the day before and Osgood Trail the day after! 😂 But seriously, the new (as of 2011) hut is a thing of beauty. I love waking up in one of those bunks up in the eves and getting out to see the light slide down the mountain slopes, illuminating everything in golden morning light. It is one of the highlights of hiking the Presidential Range of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.