The Annual Studio Sale Is Here!

The Annual Studio Sale has begun! The Annual Studio Sale is my biggest sale of the year and offers the best discount on my paintings, prints and cards to be found anywhere. I offer a whopping 20% off everything on this site. That means an awesome, framed 8x10 oil painting that would normally be $400 is only $320. And the shipping is free in the lower 48 US states! It's a pretty stellar opportunity to nab that painting you've had your eye on, if you ask me.

Use the Sale Code: SS2022 at checkout
and take advantage of a great deal!

The sale will run from November 19th through midnight on December 18th, 2022. The sale code included in my email can be used for original paintings, framed and unframed prints, maps & doodles, and greeting cards. 

I have had an absolutely fantastic year of painting. There were so many hikes, so many sketches made, so many photos taken, and a lot of great paintings came out of it all. It is a long build-up to this time of the year when paintings fly out of my studio to grace the walls of happy collectors. It fills me with pride and gratitude to know folks want to have something I have created on their walls, within their homes, and in their lives. What an extraordinary thing! Thank you for being part of it.

New oil paintings and watercolors are up for your viewing and collecting pleasure. Some are big, gorgeous statement paintings and others are perfect, bite-sized gems, beautifully framed and ready to hang.

A large selection of my paintings are available as prints this year, but please note, if you are giving prints for the holidays, order them as early as possible! I work with a wonderful printer, but they feel that small business crunch this time of year, too! Therefore, prints can take up to three weeks to arrive at your door! Don’t delay if you’ve had your eye on a piece like “Spring Brook After Rain.” It’s been the most popular print by far this year.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have restocked my AMC White Mountain Huts Card Sets! They are just so popular and perfect for sending a note to your favorite hiking companion. Get a fresh set of cards featuring all eight White Mountain Huts today! That being said, there are plenty of other card designs available in the Prints & Cards section of the site in all their greeting card glory. Plus, there are tons of cards set on clearance this year.

And yes, the Maps & Doodles are all over the place! You know ‘em. You love ‘em. These diminutive drawings are my side project fun, my own comic relief, and a place to put all the silly ideas in my head. Mountain goats are the primary vehicle for shenanigans, but there are plenty of other critters, tiny handmade maps and other goofy ink and watercolor minis here as well. There are about sixty Maps & Doodles originals to choose from and they are all part of the sale!

There's a lot to see! Much of the work you'll find here on the site is new, with such a productive year and all. I hope you find something you love. One last note: Works marked as being on display in a gallery are not part of the sale, but if you happen to be in this neck of the woods, check out The Gallery at WREN here in Bethlehem, NH and Jackson Art Studio & Gallery over in Jackson, NH. Patronizing local artist studios and galleries helps keep our communities vibrant, and it's another excellent way to support my work.

Thanks for riding along on this amazing art journey all year. I hope to bump into you on a trail or summit here in the White Mountains!