"Lights in the Trees" is an 11.75 by 23.5 inch oil on wood panel painting by Rebecca M. Fullerton. It depicts trees at the edge of the snowy forest, some of which are light with the orange light of dawn. Snow dusts the tree limbs, shrubs, rocks and ground below.
This shows the panel and edge of the painting "Lights in the Trees." The painted panel is mounted on a flush wooden frame, making it stand out from the wall when hung.
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"Lights in the Trees," 11.75x23.5 inch oil painting on panel

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First Light in the winter woods sets the fir trees aglow. The soft edges of the snow and deep blues and blacks of the deep woods makes for a pretty lovely scene. I painted this from the view into the woods near my house among the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

  • Original oil on panel painting, 23.5 x 11.75 inches
  • Mounted on 2-inch deep raw wood cradle
  • Unframed (since the edges are smooth wood it can be left unframed, or framed to suit your decor)
  • Signed by the artist

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