"Valley Shadows" is an 8 by 21 inch watercolor and ink painting on paper by Rebecca M. Fullerton, depicting deep blue and purple shadows in the valley below Mount Adams along New Hampshire's Presidential Range. The mountain slopes are a patchwork of green trees, grey granite and every shade in between. White, fluffy clouds float by in the distance.

"Valley Shadows," 8x21 inch watercolor & ink painting on paper (SOLD)

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A spectacular view out over King Ravine, beneath the shadow of Mount Jefferson in New Hampshire's beautiful White Mountain National Forest, captured in ink and watercolors. Being above treeline, watching clouds shadows pass over the summits and mountain slopes is one of the great joys of hiking.

This airy painted scene is tastefully double matted in with soft grey acid-free matboards and framed in a classic brushed metal silver Nielsen Bainbridge frame. Ready to hang on your walls and enjoy.

  • 8 x 21 inch watercolor and ink on paper
  • 14 x 26 inch double mat in soft grey acid-free matboard
  • signed by the artist

Sold as part of "Room With A View" at Gallery Twist in Lexington, Massachusetts, February 2021.